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Congratulations to our winter sport athletes, parents, and fans for your continued support and energy this season! Here are our SMA student-athlete award winners for winter 2016-2017.





Junior and Senior Academic Award Winners

1st Academic
Angela Sofia Colorado
Riley Fitzpatrick
Wendy Luna
Nayeli Martin
Julista Cervantes
Bianca Garcia
Mariah Horvath
Lauren Carroll
Allie Lupiba
Raegan Rychecky

Honorable Mention Academic
Samantha Hickerson
Anna Jonsen
Daisy Lewis
Adrea Gentry
Caroline Jeffords
Alex Reddington

Team Academic
Dance- 3.51
Basketball- 3.51
Swim and Dive- 3.53

Varsity Dance
Captains- Nayeli Martin and Samantha Hickerson
Varsity Award- Angela Sofia Colorado
Coaches Award- Wendy Luna

JV Dance
Captains- Sofia Aguirre and Yahaira Hernandez
Coaches Award- Sofia Aguirre

Varsity Basketball
Captains- Lauren Carroll, Rachel Cella, Adrea Gentry, Caroline Jeffords, Marla Loya, and Jessica Santos
Varsity Award- Caroline Jeffords
Coaches Award- Adrea Gentry

JV Basketball
Captains- Mariah Horvath and Vera Logan
Coaches Award- Mariah Horvath

Swim and Dive
Captains- Alex Reddington and Julia Gabriele
Varsity Award- Alex Reddington
Coaches Award- Lillianna Brooks

Postseason Honors

All American

Alex Reddington- Swimming
2nd Team All League
Caroline Jeffords- Basketball
Dre Gentry- Basketball