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Working in a school is possibly the best work setting in the world. Spending time with our students gives us the chance to witness their energy; the happiness that goes with being surrounded by friends and the joy of learning something new.

While I am in Creative Writing class with the Middle School, I am reminded of this joy. Some days the students’ imaginations flow and the writing doesn’t stop. Some days the writers are stumped and have to spend time searching for ideas and ways to get around writer’s block. They write everyday and they share their writing. And through it all I am reminded how beautiful it is to learn something new.

I found that special kind of beauty when the class was learning to write Flash Fiction. So for this week’s blog, I share a Flash Fiction piece written by Reid Hartman-Teske, a sixth grader. Notice the elements of Flash Fiction: brevity, characters, a plot and a twist. Enjoy!

Flash Fiction Assignment by Reid Hartman-Teske

“I’m hungry,” I thought as I jumped the fence and went away from my owner.

“Kitty come back,” my owner pleaded.

Kitty. I hated that name. It was the most generic name, ever, for a cat. As I looked at the wilderness, I considered whether or not I should come back to my owner. I decided no.

While walking, I smelled meat in the air—and I knew it was fresh. I followed the scent and found myself in a camp of wild dogs. I looked at the meat pile in the middle of their camp—I needed it! I jumped in through the bushes and ran toward it, but the dogs tackled me!

“Looks like we found our next dinner,” said one of them viciously carrying me and putting me in a small prison made of stones. They circled me hungrily, snarling.

“I miss my owner. I wasn’t meant for this wild life,” I thought sadly, feeling bad for wanting more and being greedy. Somehow, this guilt gave me strength. I jumped over the stonewall, grabbed the meat and ran for home.

“I’m coming back, owner!” I declared, and ran the ten feet to my house.