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Congratulations and thank you to our spring sport student-athletes, parents, coaches, and fans. We sincerely appreciate your support and energy each and every season. A special congratulations to our academic and athletic award winners, who were honored last night for their dedication and commitment to their perspective teams.

Academic Award Winners:
1st Academic
Ciela Vega
Allie Lupiba
Raegan Rychecky
Caoimhe Bryant
Sarah Burkeholder
Julia Hartman- Teske
Celine Rojel
Audrey State
Anne Tobler
Ambar Solis- Fuentes
Annie Hess
Avery Butler
Gabby Grant
Lexi Maerz
Nicolette Ohlsen
Sarah Sutherland
Ali Leen
Viridiana Bonilla
Daria Boulos
McKenzie Davis
Gabby Lorance
Adriana Ribota
Yuliza Saucedo

HM Academic
Drew Johnson
Gaby Lopez
Morgan Naake
Kiersten Leo
Erin Curley
Lizzy Fehr
Kate Golinvaux
Daisy Simpson
Katherine Crise
Sarah Emmanuel
Delaney Huffman
Anel Oaxaca

Team Academic
Varsity Tennis- 3.56
Soccer- 3.57
Golf- 3.57
Lacrosse- 3.74

Varsity and Coaches Awards

Varsity Award- Lily Loftus, Soccer

Coaches Award- Rachel Cella, Soccer

Coaches Award- Evie Barton, JV Soccer

Varsity Award- Lexi Maerz, Lacrosse

Coaches Award- Sarah Sutherland, Lacrosse

Coaches Award- Hayden Jones, JV Lacrosse

Varsity Award- Ali Leen and Katherine Crise, Tennis

Coaches Award- Viridiana Bonilla, Tennis

Coaches Award- Zara Antal, JV Tennis

Varsity Award- Kaya Shearer, Golf

Coaches Award- Celine Rojel, Golf

Post Season Honors

3 Sport Athletes

Emma Stern- field hockey, swimming, soccer

Amanda Dewhurst- volleyball, basketball, soccer

Raegan Rychecky- field hockey, basketball, soccer

Darby Kelley- volleyball, basketball, soccer

Vera Logan- Field hockey, basketball, lacrosse

Frances Forward- Field hockey, swimming, lacrosse

Hayden Jones- Field hockey, swimming, lacrosse

Bridget Binder- cross country, swimming, track

McKenna Nading- cross country, basketball, track

1st Team

Vera Logan- Lacrosse

2nd Team

Lexi Maerz- Lacrosse

Isabella Morrissette- Track

Rachel Cella- Soccer

Honorable Mention

Caroline Osborn- Track

Ambar Solis- Fuentes- Lacrosse

Avery Butler- Lacrosse

Annie Hess- Lacrosse

Gabby Grant- Lacrosse

Claire Cella- Soccer

Senior Awards

Pam Bent Award- Lexi Maerz

Leadership- Anne Tobler and Lauren Carroll

Coaches Award- Ambar Solis- Fuentes

Sportsmanship- Annie Hess

Bob Knauf- Alex Reddington

All Around Athlete- Caroline Jeffords