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Congratulations to the middle school 7/8th grade field hockey team on their undefeated season! Coaches Terrye Easton and Sara Knetemann credit the athletes’ strong heart, quick passes, and intensity to the ball as the habits that have determined each win. The team thanks the athletics department, family, faculty, and friends for their support all season. GO WILDCATS!

SMA v. Kent Denver 7, 5-0 Win

SMA v. Colorado Academy 7, 2-0 Win

SMA v. Graland 8, 2-2 Tie

SMA v. Graland 7, 2-0 Win

SMA v. Denver Field Hockey Club, 4-0 Win

SMA v. Club Lewy, 3-1 Win

SMA v. Colorado Academy 8, 1-0 Win

SMA v. Kent Denver 8, 4-2 Win