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Congratulations to all of our fall athletes for their hard work and determination this season. The SMA Athletics Department thanks the students, parents, coaches, and fans for their time, energy, and support. Below are the highlighted awards celebrated at the Fall Sports Awards night on Tuesday, November 7th in the Community Center.

Fall Sports Awards 2017

1st Academic for Juniors and Seniors

Maggie Dubus, Caitlin Feldewerth, Alex Bush, Macey Hayden, Anna Belfance, Claire Cella, Mariah Horvath, Logan Karofsky, Isabella Morrissette, McKenna Nading, Avery Butler, Julia Shwayder, Raegan Rychecky, Grace Woody, Lily Loftus, Maddie Wilten, Vera Logan, Maggie Golding, Mia Gabriele, Maggie Swank, and Anna Pitcock.

Honorable Mention Academic for Juniors and Seniors

Hannah Pogue, Katherine Crise, Bridget Binder, Amy Burke, Callie McKenna, and Lily Karbowski.

Team Academic GPA

Field Hockey- 3.7

Cross Country- 3.7

Volleyball- 3.6


Postseason Honors

State Team Honorable Mention- Maggie Swank

1st Team- Maggie Swank

2nd Team- Isabella Morrissette, Raegan Rychecky, and Caitlin Feldewerth

Honorable Mention- Anna Pitcock, Kate Frankmore, Lily Loftus, and Haley Maeurer


Team Awards

Varsity Field Hockey

Captains- Lily Loftus, Raegan Rychecky, Lily Karbowski

Varsity Award- Raegan Rychecky

Coaches Award- Lily Karbowski

JV Field Hockey

Captains- Hailey Johnson, Lauren Falicia, and Maggie Golding

Manager- Skylar Cole

Coaches Award- Emma Stern

C Level Field Hockey

Captains- Aarushi Gupta and Amelia Cooper

Coaches Award- Amelia Cooper

Varsity Volleyball

Captains- Maggie Dubus, Katherine Crise, Hannah Pogue

Varsity Award- Caitlin Feldewerth

Coaches Award- Maggie Dubus

JV Volleyball

Captains- Carter Thomas and Amanda Dewhurst

Coaches Award- Grace Murphy

C Level Volleyball

Captains- Tess Hayden and Lily Lichtenberger

Coaches Award- Sophia Callender

Cross Country

Captains- Mariah Horvath and Isabella Morrissette

Manager- Annie Hoogerwerf

Varsity Award- Isabella Morrissette

Coaches Award- Lane Rippey