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SMA Destination Imagination Team, Rainbow Girls +1, returned from DI Global Finals with a 3rd place finish!  They also received the DaVinci Award, a special award given to a team for clearly demonstrating imagination, originality, courage, and a spirit of adventurous risk in their solutions.  The Rainbow Girls +1 team competed in the Vanished! Challenge at the Elementary level. The judges remarked that the team, “brought to life one of our most innovative worlds by recreating the inside of a recycling bin.  Team members created unique costumes constructed of recycled materials…By the end of the story, the characters learned to accept and appreciate a new resident to the bin – a banana peel – teaching the audience dual lessons about eco-friendliness and acceptance of others.  To top it off, they collected all of the recyclable materials by placing bins throughout their school, making their solution impactful not just to the Appraisers and audience, but also to their entire school.”

This team has been together for many years.  Caitlin Crysel and Hannah Reyes have been in DI since Kindergarten and Isabelle Shaw joined in first grade.  Coaches Grey Reyes and Suzanne Shaw have coached the team for the past five years and the team has been to Global Finals for the past three years.  Congratulations!